Five Steps To Collecting Autographs

21/04/2010 19:51


Step 1…


  • Get an address for the celebrity or person whose autograph you want.
  • Entertainment personalities almost always have a website or a fan club website that can give you the correct mailing address.
  • Authors also often have websites, and may have specific instructions on how to send books for signing.
  • Sport stars addresses may be obtained from their team office.
  • Political figures may have mail addressed to their office. That information is available on their government website. If the person is a candidate and not currently in office, send the mail to their campaign headquarters.
  • Requests to persons prominent in business, industry, or organisations may be contacted via the company or organization headquarters.


Step 2…


  • Write a cover letter.
  • Politely ask the person to sign the item you are sending.
  • Compliment the person on some accomplishment or on a particular aspect of his or her work that you enjoy or appreciate.
  • Note that you are enclosing return mailer and postage and ask the person to return your signed item in the box or photo mailer you have enclosed.
  • Some celebrities charge for signing items, so please make sure you inquiry beforehand, and if a fee is charged include it with your request. Requests submitted without the fee will be returned unsigned.
  • It is quite easy to get an autograph of a political figure by writing and commenting on issues or policies important to him or her.


Step 3…


  • Assemble the necessary mailing materials.
  • For a book, use a new corrugated box book mailer. For a flat item, such as a photo or magazine cover, use a rigid photo mailer. If it is necessary to keep a book from sliding around in the box use bubble wrap or other cushioning.
  • Obtain a bubble mailer or padded envelope large enough for the box or photo mailer to fit into.


Step 4…


  • Place the book or picture into the box or photo mailer, however, DO NOT seal it. This is the package in which the celebrity will mail your item back.
  • Put your return address on the box or photo mailer.
  • Take the box or mailer with the item in it to a post office and have the correct postage put on it to send it from the celebrity back to you. - You may want to have it sent as priority mail and insured.


Step 5…


    • Place the unsealed box or photo mailer, with the item in it, inside the bubble-mailing envelope. Insert your cover letter in the bubble envelope, but outside of the box or photo mailer.
  • Address the bubble envelope to the celebrity and mail. Consider sending it priority mail and insured.